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Changing Spaces

It’s been 18 years since the favorite TLC show Trading Spaces first aired, but residential remodeling is still very much alive and in demand. The entire industry has only continued to grow since then, with the addition of an entire network devoted to the subject; HGTV. In 2016, HGTV overtook CNN as the third most-watched cable channel in the US. Although the premise of changing someone else’s space seems unlikely for most people, the desire to change their own is still very much a goal.

Here we will look at a newly remodeled space that has adapted to the new needs of the family. It now fits the function of the homeowners for years to come, and as today’s kitchen has evolved into a “second family room” it has tons of room for entertainment and family gatherings.

Removing wallpaper and getting new countertops can only get you so far, and sometimes you need to make a bigger change. So it was for this family of four, who kept their appliances in the same locations, but changed the seating areas in the kitchen to a place that was sunny and bright and promoted a more casual concept of dining. Removing a freestanding table in the ‘eat in’ kitchen is a nice design change our clients can get from us here at Expert Design Solutions. By changing the location of the peninsula the family also has easier access to the family room and a portion of the kitchen countertop is now used as a huge table within the breakfast nook.

Another important request was to add a pantry, and add a place to pay the bills or store paperwork as well as a charging station for devices. These landing zones are crucial to keep mail, notices, receipts, and other clutter from overflowing at other areas or from being scattered in multiple places. When we relocated their peninsula we put in one of these areas, and left the bottom cabinet out so a seat could be used if needed, and it would remain tucked away when not in use.

As Experts in space planning and listening to our clients’ needs we can create beautiful new spaces in many of the most hardworking areas of your home- from kitchens and baths to closets, mudrooms, laundry rooms, and offices. We invite you to view our portfolio for more inspiration!

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